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Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo
Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo
Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo
Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo
Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo
Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo

Personalised Eternal Flower Immortal Rose With Photo

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Preserved flowers with customized phots, the most surprising gift for Valentine's Day.

  • Everlasting flowers, when the flowers are mature, pick flowers with good color and use advanced technology to dehydrate, preserve color and dry them, so that the color, shape, touch and feeling of the flowers are the same, and the life span is more than 3 years.
  • Do not water, avoid exposure and humidity.
  • Do not place it in a humid environment and avoid direct sunlight.
  • To clean up, wipe the glass surface with a paper towel or cloth moistened with a little alcohol/water.
  • Size:聽 7.87*5.9*3.34 in. (20*15*8.5cm)
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